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Hey, I just read your web site, and I have to say, that I am in full agreement. I believe that Bush and his administration are criminals and no longer serve the people of this country. I have talked to a bunch of people about secession and we agreed that if New York , along with the North East decided on secession we would not only be better off politically, but better of financially. With all the money we will not have to give to the federal Government to support the south, we would be much better off.

You have my support.

Subj: Session [sic]

Since liberals hate sports (except soccer) can we have the Giants and the Yankees? Of course we would have to rename the Yankees. We in return will send you every soccer team in the south and midwest. I'm not sure what you will do for hooligans...mabey [sic] your Euro friends can send you some.

Oh and by the way, since most of the manufacturing in the US is moving to the south to escape the unions...there will be a heavy tariff on all goods shipped across to your new country.

Tell the Wall St boys to come on down..they can set up shop in Dallas.

Read your blog, thought this might be of interest.

Derived from the ideas of the Nine Nations of North America.

I read all of these articles [in Blue States Press] and thought they were excellent! It may be time to plan a move out of Florida! I have to finish my Masters and get out of this rat-hole.

Ex-New Yorker

Hello,I am from northern NJ. I saw your blog, and I was thinking about this idea ever since Bush won reelection. To be honest I don't ever want to see the USA break up, but there is a problem developing with the political power in the country being controlled by people from the South & West - while our States actually foot most of the bills. Maybe a regional party ("The Atlantic Party") like the Northern League in Italy could come about to help represent our part of the country. Write back if you like.


You might be interested in the attachment to this email that I'm forwarding to you concerning average state IQ and the outcome of the election. This has made me take your movement seriously, and I'd be interested inknowing your ideas as to how to get the blue states control of NASA and other high tech areas of the government. Also, have you communicated with any of the Democratic US senators who are considering running for governor in their respective states in 2006? - Dodd (CT), Schumer (NY), Corzine (NJ) and MAYBE Kerry (MA). I don't know how realistic an independent Atlantica is, but it seems to me that these potential governors have the idea that on the economics and social programs it may be easier to achieve progressive at the state level rather than at the federal level.

Please take care and continue to advocate peaceful solutions.

I started a blog a few days ago advocating almost the same thing as you. It's very small at the moment but I think if we can get enough people thinking about it, maybe we can get something done.

Northeast Secession Movement Blog

In light of the massacre of the Democratic Party, I can't help but see the beginning of the end of liberal ideas in the current United States of America, as conservatives have a slim majority and the country divide is as bad, if not worse, than the pre-Civil War secession. Just a few days ago, the following article was written that I think you should look at: "Secede Now."

I can't help but agree with everything that is written. My question to you is: are there currently any PACs or NGOs or activist networks putting this into effect? Since this is a decidedly socialist/green article, I'd rather see the names a bit different, even though I do like the Pacific States of America and the Republic of Hawaii. From the research I've seen, this looks to be the most rational and appropriate division map I've seen. I saw another calling for all of the blue areas to secede into Canadian territories, creating an East American Province and a Pacific Territory or something along those lines. In any case, I throughly and whole-heartedly support this effort. Liberals and conservatives can never win in the current political environment; something needs to happen. Many thanks.

November 2, 2004 - A Day That Will Live In Infamy. This may be the beginning of the fracture line to separate us into a democracy and a theocracy. Will we now see the cross being burned at the homes of non-evangelical christians?

I LOVE it!

This is exactly the view that has been forming in me over the past ten or so years. I have a similar experience of being from the Northeast (NYC) and having lived in the deep south and midwest. Especially since the Bush coup, I have increasingly felt our country to be polarized and have felt more and more despair over the marginalization of my liberal/leftist views. Two years ago, I couldn't take it anymore and moved to London where things are in many ways much better. But I still continue to feel that things need to change in the U.S. and your Atlantica notion is a great concept. Rather utopian, but still something to strive for.

Keep up the good work and do feel free to write back to discuss your ideas.

Dear Sir--

This is a very interesting point of view, and one that I share--secession, that is--but for different, and sometimes even opposite reasons than you. You state that you believe the US is held hostage by the conservatives of the South, Midwest, etc., and that the progressive viewpoint (liberal) of the New England and Mid-Atlantic region is ignored. As one of those Midwest conservatives that you decry, I believe precisely the opposite--that it is we (conservative, traditional, Christian, etc.) here in the Midwest that are held hostage by the liberal establishment of the Northeast.

Please know I harbor no ill will of those who hold your point of view. I believe that it is sinply time for us to agree to disagree and to part company as gentlemen. An amicable divorce, so to speak. If the Northeast wishes to secede and construct its government to be liberal who am I to disagree? So long as those of us in the Midwest who believe in a more traditional way of life are allowed to live in peace--separately, if necessary--and conduct our political and cultural affairs free from the coercion and totalitarian nature of post-modern liberalism.

I hope that more people like yourself will consider secession, just as I hope the same for more who believe as I do. There is no reason that we cannot conduct our diplomatic relations as good neighbors.

I would love to see you leftists do your own thing!!! Be shure to take the jackasses in D.C. with you. Good luck.

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