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Mission Statement

Our goal is to foster greater regional identity and cooperation, and encourage a movement towards greater economic and social integration. Through opinion letters, press releases, and the endorsement of like-minded candidates, our goal is to emerge as an influential advocate of the policies we believe will enable a smooth transition to the emerging realities of 21st century America, and make the Northeast more prosperous and socially content than ever.

The attached platform is intended as a call to action among the region’s citizenry. In it, we advocate a series of reforms and policy initiatives based on the regionalization of the country’s political leadership and bureaucratic administration. As in business, politics operates best when fitted to proper “economies” of scale. An emerging reality of the United States is that its immense size and ever-increasing regional diversity have overtaken its ability to produce any national consensus on areas of political, economic, and social importance. As has happened countless times throughout history, our country has ceased to be united in culture, belief systems, and overall way of life; producing a hostile climate in which few are ever happy with the status quo’s results.

We are equally aware of the personal conflict many are sure to experience in considering our platform. The United States of America, in its ideals as well as realities, still fosters considerable pride in all of us. Indeed, no other country in history has so advanced the human condition; politically, economically, socially, and technologically. Such pride, however, cannot mask the reality that our 21st century society no longer fits well within the confines of our 18th century model. The longevity of any political body with our size and diversity is tenable at best. Unlike most countries, founded on a common ethnicity, religion, or language, America’s only unifying force is its basic concepts. Like all concepts, however, that of America has changed over time, leaving different people throughout our regions with vastly different ideas as to what it’s all about. Without question, the country’s deep political divide will profoundly affect its direction over both the immediate and long-term future. Our analysis of these changes, and platform for dealing with them, are designed to ensure the most prosperous future possible for the Northeast and its citizens.

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