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Our Goal

Our goal is to foster greater regional identity and cooperation, and encourage a movement towards greater economic and social integration. Through opinion letters, press releases, and the endorsement of like-minded candidates for political office, our goal is to emerge as an influential advocate of the policies we believe will enable a smooth transition to the emerging realities of 21st century North America, and make the Northeast more prosperous and socially content than ever.

This website is intended as a call to action among the region’s citizenry. In it, we advocate a series of reforms and policy initiatives based on the regionalization of the country’s political leadership and bureaucratic administration. As in business, politics operates best when fitted to proper “economies of scale". An emerging reality in the United States is that its immense size and ever-increasing regional diversity have overtaken its ability to produce any national consensus on areas of political, economic, and social importance.

We view regional diversity in the United States as one of the many great attributes of the US. What we find disturbing, however, is the inability at the national level to redress many of the social and environmental ills facing us as both a distincitive region and as Americans in general. We believe that a regional approach to various issues is one answer to circumventing the inability of the US legislative and executive branches to address and correct.

Issues of regional importance include:

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