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As the United States continues to be drawn to the conservative right politically, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states are increasingly marginalized in domestic and foreign policy-making and victimized by the blowback of belligerent and imperialist US foreign policies. The tragedy of 9/11 underscores the inability of the U.S. federal government - the domain of Southern, Midwestern, and Western conservatives - to protect its own citizens from a world that is increasingly hostile to the imperialist and racist policies of American empire.

Atlantica, or Greater Megalopolis, is culturally cosmopolitan, ethnically diverse, politically progressive, and economically integrated, and its standing in the Union should and must be asserted - or other alternatives explored.

An increased cultural and political awareness of "Atlantica" (the Mid-Atlantic states and New England) might promote a new era of moderation in American domestic and foreign policy.

National health care, strong labor unions, accessible education, expanding urban commuter rail links, expansion of environmental protections, and a strengthening of social, economic, and political ties to Canada, Latin America, the European Union, Asia, and Africa are principles that are widely popular in Atlantica. Furthermore, national foreign policies such as the perpetual economic embargo on Cuba, U.S. interventionism in Latin America (the latest being Colombia and Venezuela), the imperialist war in Iraq, and an increasingly belligerent foreign policy towards the European Union (France in particular), Russia, and China, are all policies that not only do not have popular support in Atlantica, but threaten our peace, tranquility, and pursuit of happiness.

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